Cat Diaries

Status: In production 

Role(s): Script Editor, Animator, Editor, Producer, Promotions

Description: Animated series revolving around the cats Kizzy, Hood, Bonny, Richie and Leo... the baddest cat in the D!

Links: Website, Facebook



Status: Pre-production

Role(s): Script Editing, Fundraising, Promotions

Description: Man wakes up in a post-apocolyptic world with amnesia and is looking for his family despite being pursued by a ruthless army.

Links: Facebook 



Rise Up Media

Status: Site under construction

Role(s): Web Development and Web Developer of Record


Game Night

Status: Planning

Role(s): Writer, Producer


Tech Savvy Nation - Winter 2013 Curriculum and Catalog

Status: In development via EDUOnGo

Role(s): Educator, Administrator

Description: Tech Savvy Nation is about getting the most out of your investments in technology through workshops and programs, personal and group coaching/instruction, as well as information and study products. 

Links: Website, Academy