I'm obsessed with big ideas, passionate about technology,
and devoted to uplifting others.


Information about my professional history including previous titles, employers, and responsibilities over the last 20+ years as a technologist, mentor, and leader.


Information about the technical knowledge and expertise I have accumulated, as well as the creative and soft skills cultivated throughout my professional career.

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Information about my experience and skills beyond what my roles and positions have entailed including speaking engagements and presentations.

God's Gifts = My Passions

The Lord has blessed me with more skills, talents and abilities than I know what to do with.

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As a Technologist,
Able to lead and develop people, projects, and programs, I provide technical expertise, motivation, inspire confidence and create open, supportive environments where people can do more than they ever thought possible. I am capable of pulling together diverse personalities and interests and shaping them into a powerful and highly functioning resource.

As a Speaker,
I love speaking about leadership, non-functional requirements, DevOps tools and strategies, soft skills, and more. I am open to traveling and have been lauded for sharing my personal journey from programmer to servant leader and inspiring others to reinvent themselves.

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Tech Con '21 - https://rkttechcon.com/